University Of Windsor Wufa Collective Agreement

«Four months of tough negotiations by our negotiating team have resulted in an agreement that respects, supports and compensates our members in a competitive manner.» This desperation gave the government a lot of influence in negotiating a new contract in 2014. The administration decided to respond to many requests from teachers and teachers while ignoring the requests of teachers. The profits of the contracted parties would be more than offset by concessions made by the higher-paid professors. By forcing the workers into conflict, the university hoped to get away with it like a bandit. It seems to have worked – ratification of the new treaty was passed with only 66% of the vote after months of struggle. Obviously, many workers wanted to lead the struggle half as far, but with poor workers` leadership, the union disintegrated. WUFA is the exclusive bargaining agent for all members. One of its main functions is to protect the rights and promote the interests of their members through collective bargaining. In addition, wufa protects individual members by filing complaints on their behalf, promotes employment equity objectives, participates in broader struggles for social justice in the Community through the Political Action Committee, and promotes and protects academic freedom through the Academic Committee for Freedom.

The WUFA also provides a democratic forum for members to discuss, debate and formulate guidelines that improve their professional lives while respecting and promoting the academic mission of the university. Gourf. Workers crossing picket lines. In doing so, Schorf undermines the collective bargaining process. By refusing to work, the bosses lose money, and the workers give the weak link in the balance and exercise a certain power. But if the bosses cannot send unionized workers to run the machines, the effectiveness of a strike, the only lever available to the working class, is neutralized. It is no coincidence that such an ugly word is reserved for so-called «class traitors.» Schorf jumped from a description of injuries caused by diseases like syphilis to a description of moral character.