Sheldon Cooper Relationship Agreement Download

The full relationship agreement allows for certain cosmetic operations, since it says that «each party should not undergo cosmetic surgery unless it should look like a Klingon.» What seems funny is an allusion to Sheldon`s hatred for star trek change and love. But really, there`s something deeply troubling about a binding contract that dictates what a partner should look like. If her agreement stated that Amy had retained a certain weight or hair color or banned the use of makeup or contact lenses, the alarm bell would ring – and while cosmetic operations may not be as common as mascara, prevent an operation (there is no reserve in case of an accident, remember) is simply too far. Admittedly, by the end of the show, Sheldon and Amy had done much more than hold hands. But at first, Sheldon was definitely opposed to the hand. The relationship agreement provided that hands should not be held unless someone fell from a pitfall, received a vaccination or did not win the Nobel Prize. Only Sheldon would find that, especially for a romantic chord! But yes, he and Amy do have an agreed plan on what to do when intelligent dogs stand up and take control of earth (this involves betrayal of the human race). Granted, this kind of hypothetical conversation with a loved one can be fun, but actually putting it into a contract? That`s crazy! When Amy first signed her in «The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition» (S5E10), she found it very romantic. With «The Spoiler Alert Segmentation» (S06E15), she called it a ridiculous contract, right after Sheldon said she couldn`t move in with him. It is therefore recommended that the parties use independent legal advice from a family lawyer to demonstrate that no pressure has been exerted and that they enter into the agreement freely and with a full understanding of the agreed terms. Full and open new disclosure of each party`s financial situation should be made to ensure a clear understanding. Let`s be honest, what longtime couple doesn`t agree to do something like this (at least) for a birthday? And putting it in black and white only ensures that everyone knows what the expectation of a great opportunity is. Granted, it`s usually not codified on this scale, but it`s actually pretty normal to expect a partner to tell you when they`re going on vacation.

According to the agreement, Amy must notify Sheldon at least 72 hours in advance. She should also check tire pressure (if driving by car) and look for the necessary vaccinations. While it`s a bit presumptuous to put this in a deal, instead of assuming that an adult woman would be able to stay safe while traveling, all of this can only be informed and make sure Amy is safe when she leaves. .