Canada Asean Trade Agreement

At the same time, an ASEAN-Canada agreement would also help diversify Canada`s exports, a policy objective that has been put forward over the past 18 months, as Canada has renegotiated its agreement with the United States CME fully adopts Canada`s free trade agenda and we have the utmost confidence in our trade negotiators to secure favourable terms for Canada under an agreement with the ASEAN countries. This consultation focuses on how Best Canada should act towards a potential free trade agreement with ASEAN. CME has always considered that no trade agreement is worth signing, unless this agreement fulfils three high-level objectives: these results support the CABC`s view that a comprehensive free trade agreement – a free trade agreement that goes beyond the mere elimination of tariffs and includes the liberalization of services and investment, a reduction in non-tariff measures and improvements in trade facilitation – in Canada`s best interest. and ASEAN. Two of the ASEAN countries are already part of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Trans Pacific Partnership and engage with Canada as free trade partners. This experience could help other ASEAN members understand how improved trade and investment between Canada and Asian countries could have benefits rather than dangers.