Weaccess Enrollment And Maintenance Agreement Form

8 Figure 1 Symbol of Verisign Icon Castle e. As an additional guarantee, landbank weaccess is equipped with the 2nd level of authentication and authorization via the usb/flash disk. If the user ID and password are compromised, the unauthorized person who holds the user ID and the stolen password cannot log in to the land bank we contacted, unless that person physically owns the weaccess-USB/Flash hard drive and knows the vtoken ID. 2. How do we know that we have entered the right website of the BANK OF COUNTRY weaccess? On the login page, click the VeriSign icon in the lower right of the screen to verify the authenticity of the site (Fig.1). They must be redirected to the Verisign digital certificate (Fig.2). Figure 2 8 2 b. Ordinary current account c. Interest deposit account (peso EASY current account) d. High yield savings account (HYSA) at the announcement only 3. What is the cost of using Landbank weaccess? Registration for the Land BANK is free, but institutional clients should maintain an aggregated average daily balance (ADB) of P1M. Co-operatives and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must have an aggregateD ADB of P0.500M.

Each user needs a usb/flash weaccess drive (which contains a vtoken application that is an additional security and permission) to connect to the land BANK. The first 3 users will each receive their own USBs weaccess/free flash drive. However, the following users will be charged accordingly. 4. How do I sign up for Landbank weaccess? Coordinate with your deposit bank and complete required registration forms and other document requirements. 5. What are the documentary requirements for registration? one. For the registration of non-monetary transactions, registration form signed by authorized signatories of the registered account (3 copies) b. For registration of monetary transactions registration form (3 copies) Board Resolution or Secretary s Certificate, for institutions with the Board of Directors Sangguniang Resolution, for LGUs Letter from the head of agency / office, for NGOs / line agencies c. For the car flow module, the third is run to be registered in the landbank weaccess self-debiting module: Landbank weaccess Auto Debiting Agreement (4 copies), if the third is an institution, as well as one of the following, depending on what is applicable: Notarized Board Resolution or Secretary s Certificate, for institutions with Sangguniang Resolution Board of Directors, for the LGUs 2 SignNow web software has been specially designed to simplify the organization of the workflow and improve the entire process of managing qualified documents.