Unizg Learning Agreement

The degree of language proficiency in the main language of instruction (English or Croatian) must be at least B2. Here is a list of all the English courses in the Faculty of Political Science. The aim of the apprenticeship agreement is to enable transparent and effective preparation of exchanges to ensure that the student is recognized for successful activities abroad. The apprenticeship agreement defines the curriculum to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the de-émantapp and the host institution. The apprenticeship agreement must include all courses that the student will take at the Faculty of Political Science (Table A) and must also include all courses that will be replaced by the training institution (Table B) after the successful student exchange program. It is necessary to carefully complete tables A and B before mobility. If necessary, additional lines and columns can be added. Students who arrive can take up to two courses in other faculties. If you are interested in courses from other faculties, you need the Horizontal Mobility form. Apprenticeship agreement for Erasmus INTERNSHIPs PARTENAIRES COUNTRIES K107 Before mobility, it is necessary to complete page 1 of the apprenticeship agreement with information provided by the student, the sending and receiving institutions. Information on the faculty of political science needed to complete page 1 of the learning agreement is available here. Learning Convention – PROGRAMME ERASMUS COUNTRIES K103 (EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey) Arriving students can take advantage of the apprenticeship agreement provided by their home university or use the apprenticeship agreement provided by the University of Zagreb that you can find here. Apprenticeship Agreement – PARTNERS ERASMUS COUNTRIES K107 (Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Brazil, China, Chile, Israel, Korea, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Philippines, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States).