Apple Services Agreement

Alternative resolution of disputes. The EU is setting up a voluntary online dispute resolution platform, accessible on the following link: in which Apple Distribution International Ltd has decided not to participate. If you have a problem, contact iTunes support. This agreement governs the use of Apple`s services («Services») that allow you to purchase, obtain, license, rent or subscribe content, applications (as defined below) and other in-app services (together «Contents»). Content can be offered through apple or third-party services. Our services are available in your country or region of residence («country of origin»). By creating an account for the use of services in a given country or territory, you indicate it as your country of origin. To use our services, you will need compatible hardware, software (last recommended and sometimes necessary version) and internet (fees may be charged). These factors can affect the performance of our services.

– Learn more about Apple TV Content Usage Rules on one. License scope: The donor grants you a non-negotiable license to use the licensed application for all Apple brand products that you own or control and that the rules of use allow. The terms and conditions of these standard EEFs govern all content, materials or services accessible or acquired by the licensed application, as well as upgrades provided by the licensee that replace or complete the original licensed application, unless such an upgrade is accompanied by a custom EULA. Except as required by the rules of use, you cannot distribute or make the application licensed on a network where it could be used simultaneously by multiple devices. You must not transfer, retransmit or sub-license the licensed application, and if you sell your Apple device to third parties, you must remove the licensed app from the Apple device before doing so. You cannot (except as authorized by this license and rules of use) not resort to back engineering, attempt to deduce, modify or create works derived from the application, updates or parts of the application granted (except to the extent and extent that a limitation above is prohibited by existing legislation or to the extent that licensing conditions for the use of open source components permitted in the application of the license are permitted). – All other services (including, but not limited to iTunes Store, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts): external services. The licensed application may allow access to the licensee`s services and websites and/or third parties (together and individually «external services»). You agree to use external services at your own risk. The licensee is not responsible for verifying or evaluating the content or accuracy of external third-party services and is not responsible for these external services. Data displayed by a licensed external application or service, including, but not limited, financial, medical and location information, is used only for general information purposes and is not guaranteed by the licensee or its agents.

You will not use external services in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this standard ECJ or infringing on the intellectual property rights of the licensee or a third party. They agree not to use external services to harass, abuse, harass, harass, threaten or defame a person or entity, and that the licensee is not responsible for such use. External services may not be available in all languages or in your home country and may not be adapted or available in a given location.