Prenuptial Agreement Client Questionnaire

No matter how the negotiations are conducted, it is a good idea to commemorate the sum and content of your negotiations in a letter to your client before the agreement is signed. This will protect you from claims that were made years later, why this happened or was not made, Since I can guarantee you that if another lawyer asks your client why she signed this agreement, his answer will be: «My lawyer told me, «If almost half of the first marriages end in divorce and almost 70% of second marriages fail, you must first understand that there is at least a 50/50 chance that any marriage arrangement you design or re-examine will be examined in depth and depth. So if you are faced with the client who either wants you to issue a «quick» marriage deal, or worse, check one quickly because the wedding is next week, you have to ask yourself: do I really want to accept this engagement? As an expert, you never lose sight of what your client will give up at the time of the parties` marriage. Most marriages in which marital arrangements are negotiated include a mix of households, a sale of a residence, garage sales for duplicate furniture and furniture, etc. When your client sells her house and merchandise, make sure that if the marriage is dissolved, she can resume her previous life, especially if the marriage is very short-lived. The best way to approach the process is to design the document and check as if the divorce has already been requested. Lawyers who do not negotiate and pre-marital agreements with the divorce of the parties, not with marriage, in mind, fill their drawers with files with time bombs. Even in a society where second marriages, especially between older clients, are becoming more frequent, death is often as important to the perpetrator as divorce. In addition to the economic specificities required by the agreement, the development and review can be carried out in a way that improves applicability. I recommend the provision of tax returns worth three years and a specific declaration of assets containing not only a description of the asset, but also its value and any co-responsibility related to the specific asset.

Typically, this would include mortgages against real estate, auto loans, 401 (k) plans, etc. There can never really be too much disclosure, and I often tell my clients that while the asset is important to the client, disclosure is just as important, regardless of the economic value of the asset. Therefore, assets of emotional value, such as family items such as Grandma`s wedding group, should be included in the disclosure. There is very little last-minute commitment to be made to design or verify a marriage agreement, except an opportunity to hone your skills by creating letters to protect you from liability to your former client in a subsequent case of misconduct.