Dreamspark License Agreement

Each of these licensed SKUs contains a variety of possible licensing plans; However, UW-IT is not currently prepared to support all functions. Here is a list of what UW-IT wants to support in the first place: DreamSpark Premium EULA www.dreamspark.com/Institution/DSP-EULA.aspx The following products are covered by the campus agreement, through the benefits of the enterprise platform agreement (unless otherwise stated): Microsoft 365 A3 contains a whole series of licenses, in particular: for each of these products, the server license is provided (provided the computer belongs to the UW). Customer access licenses for these products are covered for the UW population. This premium license suite includes two licensing SKUs: For current users of the Office 365 Premium services listed below, there may be significant changes in the way premium services are licensed and/or called. Please read on for more information. Additional information on these changes will be made available to users of premium services in the coming months. As mentioned in the title, it`s about how to use DreamSpark licenses. DreamSpark Premium is primarily an offer for students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the use of content software by students is subject to the microsoft DreamSpark (EULA) end-user license agreement. In order to support the educational objectives of subscription to MINT services, the DreamSpark Premium program allows departments to offer the same software to faculty and staff teams and to introduce the software in computer labs as part of the DreamSpark Premium usage policy. In essence, the licensing agreement and usage policies allow each registered person to install up to two copies of each software package on two different computers or devices for educational use or educational use.

The software may continue to be used under these conditions, even after the conclusion or separation of Vanderbilt University. The Vmware license agreement only allows you to install software available on your PC. Microsoft software provided by previous agreements remains available under the new agreement, including the following: No, you still need the appropriate installation media. And a computer with an existing Windows license. Naked installation is only allowed in computer lab machines that never leave campus, but it looks like you`re not the one working on computer lab machines. Vmware licenses are non-transferable and are not eligible for retail updates. These licenses do not contain a copy of the software support. You need to download the software and install it manually on your computer. Please understand that the Vmware licensing agreement is only valid if you are an active student. After completion, all Vmware software must be removed or new licenses must be purchased in order to continue to use the software legally. Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (war Office 365 ProPlus) is still available via the Microsoft 365 A3 license and is still the most functional and newest version of the Office suite. Microsoft has changed the licensing structure for many of the services and products it makes available to the University of Washington and has moved from a site license based on the number of employees to a designated user license.

The UW is contractually bound to comply with the licence and price changes that take effect on June 1, 2019.