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Blocked Account: Initial Fee of €89.00 Monthly fee – 4.90 Medicare: no departure fees Monthly fees starting at 33.10 To the best knowledge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following providers currently offer blocked accounts at the federal level (shown in alphabetical order): «To measure the needs of international students, we offer products, assistance and advice for those who want to study in Germany. Flexible deadlines and custom product solutions are our goal to make your daily life easier and easier. So don`t worry about complexity. We`re here to help. You can choose where you want to set up your blocked account yourself. It is important that the following conditions are met: Results: 22. Exactly: 10. Processing time: 117 ms. Many countries have providers that offer blocked accounts. You will receive information from the relevant German mission abroad. In addition, some German banks offer special restricted accounts for language students for educational institutions at their head offices. Studying abroad requires good preparation. You will most likely have many questions if you are planning to study at a German university – questions about Germany as a country, its university landscape, but also different organizational themes like visas, insurance or accommodation. We can help! Translate the text of each application or website in one click Our main goal is to make your way to Germany as easy as possible.

That`s why we always strive to provide you with first-class customer service that helps you every step of the way! From preparing for your stay to mastering your visa application to navigating through daily life in Germany. The Fintiba study guide informs you at all the important stages of your German adventure. With a blocked account, you can prove that you have sufficient financial resources during the visa application process. Information for International on the situation covid-19 in Germany. Keep up to date!.