Bike Hire Agreement Form

I herebly state that I understand and accept the risk that renting a bicycle or cycling carries a high risk of being exposed to numerous hazards and accidents that may result in property damage, bodily injury or death. I also explain that I am physically healthy and able to participate in a physical activity of cycling. The tenant guarantees and undertakes to continue to protect the interests of the bike and/or other equipment by ensuring that the bike is always attached to a fixed object in case of unsupervised use. Even if it is locked, it is the responsibility of tenants to protect the welfare of cycling and/or equipment and not to leave unattended for a long time. It is the tenant`s responsibility to ensure that the bike and/or other equipment are working properly before the rent is paid; These include brakes, steering, tires, drive shafts, including pedals and possible extras such as car seats. If problems are noticed, then this should be reported immediately, where another bike is exposed. ______Bikes are taken care of every day. It is the customer`s responsibility to check the bike in the store before the trip. The tenant guarantees and undertakes to use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner and not to operate the bicycle/kayak/surfboard/paddleboard or to allow the bike/kayak/surfboard/paddleboard to be operated above the legal limit for alcohol or drugs or alcohol in the blood. The tenant agrees to pay, upon request, all fines and court costs, including administrative costs for violations of local status and any other violations of the law assessed during the rental period of the bicycle and the tenant. This agreement defines the borrower`s responsibilities for renting the bike from us.

Please read and read the following information: This site and all content is used only for informational purposes and Go ByCycle, Does not accept any guarantees or guarantees (express or implied) and assume no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on the website or any other written or oral information made available to an interested party or its advisors, and any responsibility for such information or inaccuracies or omissions of the website is permitted to the widest possible extent by law, which is expressly prohibited. You must sign and return your terms of use contract before the setting can begin. We are able to get a signature on delivery. 11. Exemption and liability. The tenant releases the owner of property or property damage resulting from the use of the vehicle by the tenant of any cause, defended and unscathed, from and against any claim, claim, reason, loss or liability (including legal fees and legal fees). Under no circumstances will the owner be liable for indirect, special or consequential damage or damage resulting from the use of the vehicle by the tenant, including, but not only, losses and losses, even if he is informed of such damage.