Amazon Pay Billing Agreement Id

You will receive an instant payment notification indicating the updated payment method and the buyer will receive an updated email with merchant agreement. Don`t call SetBillingAgreementDetails, because the purpose of the billing is not in the design state and you can no longer set any additional attributes. Recently I had a case where a customer changed his email address with Amazon Pay, and I didn`t find his billing agreement on my end for that reason. Amazon Pay Seller Central does not show us the list of customers and their billing agreements such as paypal, and amazon customer service cannot consult the billing agreement that came from an Amazon reference identifier either. The only job I can see is using the SID billing agreement as a seller order identifier during the transaction, so we can know this information when you manage transactions in the seller`s center. It seems to be a simple thing for amazon to reflect how paypal shows us a list of our customers and their billing agreements. If a buyer wants to update the delivery address related to their billing agreement, they can use the Amazon AddressBook widget from your website. Currently, buyers cannot update the delivery address from the Amazon Pay website. Note: Do not display the «Allow Recurring Payments» widget if the buyer changes the payment method. The buyer is not obliged to confirm the consent if he changes his selection. Buyers can change the billing agreement on the Amazon Pay website. Some restrictions may be added to the billing agreement after it has been confirmed. In this case, the billing agreement is deferred to the status.

You must take the corrective action described below and re-confirm the billing agreement using Operation ConfirmlingAgrement before calling CreateOrderReferenceForId or AuthorizeOnBillingAgrement. As an option, you can check the payment method chosen by the buyer and the status of the billing agreement by calling the ValidateBillingAgrement process before displaying the buyer`s thank you page. This ensures that the payment method chosen by the buyer is valid at that time and that the likelihood of a default is reduced if you try to charge the buyer a charge at a later date. If a buyer contacts you to suspend the service, you can simply stop sending the payment request to Amazon until the service continues. If a buyer contacts you to cancel their service, we recommend that you conclude the billing agreement by calling CloseBillingAgrement. The status of the billing agreement is then updated in the «Account Activities» section of the Amazon Pay site. The subject of a billing contract is only allowed to create an order reference with The CreateOrderReferenceForId or to request a payment authorization through the AuthorizeOnBillingAgreement transaction, after confirming the billing agreement by calling the Transaction ConfirmBillingAgrement. The ConfirmLingAgreement operation call is only successful if there are no restrictions on the billing object.

Restrictions indicate that important information is missing or not valid. I hope this is the right place to make this mistake, because I can`t find a good place to report it. I opened a folder by using amazon pay, but customer service is not well trained in Amazon`s salary issues.